Week of July 16 and July 23 2017

Lorraine Chirico Smith outside our Delmar CSA drop off Tuesday

Produce for the Third Week of July 2017

Summer Salad Mix,  Crispino Lettuce,  Romaine Lettuce,  Red Leaf Lettuce,  Turnips,  Rainbow Chard,  Parsley or Cilantro

 Produce for this Fourth Week of July 2017

Summer salad Mix with Chervil and Edible Flowers,  Red Leaf Lettuce,  Crispin0 Lettuce,  Basil,  Siberian Kale,  Escarole,  Zucchini

Meet Lorraine Smith!!

As part of our thanks and appreciation to our wonderful customers who support us, we will feature a different customer each week.  We are so very blessed to have some amazing people in our farm family and would like to introduce them and share some of their stories!

Lorraine Chirico Smith has been with us since 2008.  She lives in Delmar and comes to our Tuesday evening CSA drop off.

“Real food has always been a part of my life.  I grew up with a Mediterranean diet–before it even had that name:  olive oil, salads every night, about half of our meals without meat.  Eating seasonally was what we did, because vegetables weren’t imported when they couldn’t be grown in our country.  When tomatoes became available in January, it was exciting at first, before I realized they didn’t really taste that good.  Then I learned they weren’t that good in other respects.  And then I learned about the numerous chemicals, and how shipping distances affected selection and resulting nutrition.  Now, after decades of having everything available from anywhere in the world at any time of the year, I refuse to buy farm products coming from another country if they are also produced in the USA.  Also, having developed a mistrust of our corporate food producers who increasingly alter what we eat, I welcomed local farmer, Pam Schreiber, who nurtures both the soil and stress-free, ‘happy animals.’  Why?  Because I continue to learn their advantages, healthier in myriad ways.  Tangible results?  Yes.  After planning my menus around Eight Mile Creek Farm’s produce, eggs and meat, I had a routine check up:  my HDL, the ‘good cholesterol’ greatly exceeded the range of acceptable levels.  My doctor was actually amazed: ‘Whatever you’ve been eating, keep eating it.’ This was a direct result from consuming the Farm’s food because due to unfortunate circumstances, I had virtually no exercise during that same summer.  Bountiful describes the products;  they are indeed ‘happy.’  Look at those huge bouquets of red lettuce, the artist’s palette in the egg cartons, the numerous varieties of that formerly unpopular green, kale, and increasing number of varieties of produce I’ve tried.  I have eaten cuts of meat I haven’t eaten in over 20 years because I trust the way the animals are raised on Eight Mile Creek Farm.  That soooo counts!”

Thank you Lorraine for sharing this with us and for believing in the value of healthy food!!


Siberian Kale Growing in the Field on Eight Mile Creek Farm

 Easy Turnips

Separate tops and bottoms of turnips.  Wash both.  Slice turnip bottoms and saute’ in butter and olive oil.  Add a bit of white wine, balsamic vinegar, sea salt and pepper and a dash of sugar.  Top with chopped turnip greens and minced parsley or cilantro.  Turn heat to low and cover, cooking on low, stirring frequently, until greens are soft.  Serve.

courtesy of Chris Rice, adapted from Mark Bittman


Rainbow Chard growing in the field on Eight Mile Creek Farm

Beans and Greens

This recipe can be used with many of the cooking greens.  Simply substitute chard, kale, or dandelion greens for the escarole!

Get creative and add chopped, cooked sausage or toss with pasta!

3 Tbsp olive oil


sea salt and pepper to taste

1/4 tsp crushed red pepper flakes

1 clove garlic, minced

2 cans cannellini beans

fresh parsley, 3 sprigs, or more to taste

Heat 2 Tbsp olive oil in skillet over medium heat.  Toss in escarole, turning to coat with olive oil.  Season with salt, pepper and crushed red pepper.  Cook, stirring occasionally, about 10 minutes.  In a separate skillet, heat remaining tablespoon olive oil over medium heat.  Stir in garlic.  pour in beans with juices, and simmer until creamy, about 10 minutes.  Stir in escarole and chopped parsley and simmer 10 more minutes.

adapted from allrecipes.com


Next Week……….Early Wonder Tall Top Beets,  Lime Basil





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